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Profissionais da Saúde

Anticancer and health protective properties of citrus fruit components

Diet is believed to play an important role in four major diseases of advanced and transitional economies: cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension, and...


Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables - the millennium's health

In recent years human health has assumed an unprecedentedly important status. Increased interests in nutrition...


Fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease

Objective: We quantified the public health benefit of fruits and vegetables on the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD), using currently...


Low Intake of Fruits, Berries and Vegetables Is Associated with Excess...

Despite the decline in age-adjusted mortality from coronary heart disease (CHD)3 during the past 30 y, CHD is still...


Overview of the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption for the dietetics professional: Selected literature

Epidemiologic evidence of a protective role for fruits and vegetables in cancer prevention is substantial.