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Profissionais da Saúde

Composition, properties and health benefits of indigestible carbohydrate...

The term 'dietary fiber' first came into existence in 1953 andincluded cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin [1]. Dietary fibers aregenerally considered


Effects of Dietary Fiber and Its Components on Metabolic Health

Dietary fiber and whole grains contain a unique blend of bioactive components including resistant starches, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants.


Fiber and Prebiotics: Mechanisms and Health Benefits

The health benefits of dietary fiber have long been appreciated. Higher intakes of dietary fiber are linked to less cardiovascular disease...


Health benefits of dietary fiber

Dietary fiber intake provides many health benefits.A generous intake of dietary fiber reduces risk for developing the following diseases: coronary...


Polydextrose functional fibre Improving digestive health, satiety and beyond

Polydextrose (PDX) is a glucose polymer with a highly branched structure (average dp=12) with an average molecular weight of 2,000.


The health benefits of dietary fiber: Beyond the usual suspects...

Dietary fiber (DF) decreases the risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D), cardiovascular disease, and colon cancer [1-4] by reducing the digestion...


The link between dietary fibre and human health

Much controversy surrounds the evolution of the human diet. While there is evidence of animal butchery as early as 2.6 million years ago...