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Profissionais da Saúde

Calcium ingestion and obesity control

Introduction: Obesity is a risk factor for other nontransmissible chronic diseases. It has been suggested calcium intake helps to control obesity...


Calcium Intake Trends and Health Consequences from Childhood...

Issues involving low calcium intake and dairy product consumption are currently the focus of much debate and discussion at both the scientific...


Calcium Metabolism in Health and Disease

This brief review focuses on calcium balance and homeostasis and their relationship to dietary calcium intake and calcium supplementation in healthy...


Dietary calcium and health

Calcium is the most abundant mineral element in the body: in adults it accounts for about 2% of bodyweight, which is equivalent to about 1200 g of calcium.


O consumo de cálcio e a osteoporose

A osteoporose é caracterizada pela redução de massa óssea e prejuízo da microarquitetura do tecido ósseo, com um conseqüente aumento da fragilidade...


The Importance of Calcium Intake For Lifelong Skeletal Health

Skeletal health consist principally in having bones strong enough to support everyday activity without sustaining fractures.